Recycle Lithium Batteries

How to dispose of lithium batteries.

Only 5% of lithium batteries are currently being recycled. Visit this page to find out how to properly dispose of lithium batteries.

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Public Companies That Recycle Lithium Batteries

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Where To Recycle Lithium Batteries

Can lithium batteries be recycled? Yes! Currently, less than 5% of all Lithium-ion batteries are being recycled. Several companies are planning for the expected electric vehicle boom and are constructing new recycling plants to accommodate present and future needs.

How to dispose of lithium batteries near me:

Does Staples recycle lithium batteries? - Yes

Does Home Depot recycle lithium batteries? - Yes

Does Best Buy recycle lithium batteries? - Yes









How To Recycle Lithium Batteries

Recycling of li ion batteries: Your battery should be immediately recycled when it fails as there is a risk to storing it for long periods of time. The batteries should not be discarded into the garbage as chemicals can break down and leach into the waste water streams produced at the landfill. The only way to recycle lithium batteries is to drop off or ship the battery to a certified recycling center where they separate and recover the metals and plastics for re-entry into the economy.

How to dispose of lithium ion batteries:

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